Sales giant at Hackesche Höfe

Sales giant at Hackesche Höfe

Apple is extremely successful worldwide with its stores. The company has chosen the location on Rosenthaler Straße opposite Hackesche Höfe with great care.

End of September 2022: Today@Apple is the name of a workshop that focuses on editing photos with the iPhone. The small product seminar is scheduled to last just under an hour. The location could hardly be trendier: the new Apple Store on Rosenthaler Straße. If you leave the Hackesche Höfe and cross Rosenthaler Straße, you’re right in the store. 

Great Surprise: Apple CEO Tim Cook himself shows up

This morning, there’s a round of loud applause. Surprise! Apple CEO Tim Cook himself shows up, followed by Apple's retail and people chief Deirdre O'Brien and other executives. A quick chat with developers and the increasingly excited employees: "Thanks for the warm welcome from the team at Apple Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin!" Tim Cook tweets afterwards. After half an hour, the visit is over, and the top managers disappear – leaving behind a completely exhausted Apple workshop instructor. "This is so wonderful! I never thought Tim would come by here in person!" says the young man. He has been working at the Apple Store on Rosenthaler Straße for a year, having previously spent many years at Apple’s location on Kurfürstendamm. "It's just exciting here. It's a completely different crowd," he says. The customers are younger and more international. And the store is one of the most modern in the world.

Creativity and historical roots

Tim Cook's visit to Berlin shows how important the store and its location are for Apple. "We are very excited to open our second store in Berlin – right in the heart of Mitte," Deirdre O'Brien had said at the opening in December 2021. The new store is located near Hackesche Höfe, in the neighborhood of design companies, art studios and historical sights of Berlin, as the head of the retail division emphasized.

The company now operates more than 500 shops around the world. The stores are very important to Apple. Studies from the U.S. show that some stores generate the equivalent of more than 60,000 euros per square meter. That's why Apple carefully selects the locations for its stores.

Apple has operated a store in Berlin since 2013

Apple opened its first store in Berlin in 2013, converting a former cinema for the purpose. After eight years, there was a need for a second store. Due to Berlin’s historical division, there are several city centers. So it is only logical that Apple chooses the Spandauer Vorstadt, with its unique creative environment and perfect accessibility by public transport, as its second location in addition to the City-West.

International clientele

More than 130 employees work in the new store on Rosenthaler Straße. Because the audience strolling through the streets of the Spandauer Vorstadt is so international, there’s lively chatter in a variety of languages.

The store has an impact on the entire neighborhood. Such a high-turnover store leads to high shop rentals and makes the area around Hackescher Markt attractive for a new audience. And coming out of the Apple Store and strolling over to Hackescher Markt on market day, you’ll dive into an analog world of fruit, silver jewelry and smoked fish instead of digital products.  

But with its design, the Apple Store picks up on the concept of the marketplace. In the center of the salesroom, products are placed on tables, with other items on shelves and display windows on the walls. In the back, a giant flat-screen plays clips and info. Light, wood and real trees in the enormous space create a pleasant campus feel. Apple's goal: to create an experience for customers and a space for encounters. 

Apple and the Hackesche Höfe

Apple thus fits perfectly into a district that is characterized by the Hackesche Höfe and their concept. Service, a personalized approach, high-quality products and storytelling for the community are all part of the business on Rosenthaler Straße. But Apple's history is still young: The computer manufacturer was founded 46 years ago. It was just over two decades ago that the first Apple Store opened in the United States. Back then, the Hackesche Höfe were already almost a century old. It is unclear whether Tim Cook and Deirdre O'Brien used their flying visit to Berlin for a stroll through the Hackesche Höfe. But the computer giant from California could possibly still learn a few things from the legendary versatility of the eight courtyards.

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