Help for the people in Ukraine

Banner in den Farben der Ukraine mit Text
Banner in den Farben der Ukraine mit Text

The war in Ukraine is still going on. Many people in Germany want to help the Ukrainians. Actions are also taking place in Hackesche Höfe to raise money and support for people in the embattled areas and those on the run.

Promobo action keychain

Promobo in Hof 3 and 5 sells specially designed Ukraine keychains and donates all net proceeds to Unicef Ukraine-Hilfe. "The item is handmade in our own manufactory in Berlin-Brandenburg," says Sascha Fourman of Promobo. "We experience a lot of positive feedback with this action, also from the customers in the store." The Promobo team was even able to sell the hearts on the street at the Sound of Peace concert at the Brandenburg Gate in mid-March. The item is not only available in their Hackesche Höfe store, but also online here

By the beginning of April, 2,430 euros had been raised for Unicef Ukraine-Hilfe. "We donate to this institution because we assume that it has the infrastructure to make the best use of our donation. And not only in Ukraine, but also for the people on the run," says Fourman.

Charity coffee at Röststätte Berlin

At Röststätte Berlin in Hof 1, customers support two aid organizations when they buy a special espresso coffee from Colombia. "The charity coffee is now one of the best-selling coffees at our shop," says Christopher Braemer from Röststätte Berlin: "Many customers have taken an extra pack out of solidarity." By the end of March, 1,100 euros had been raised for Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights and the children's charity ChildFund Deutschland.

Libereco is an independent German-Swiss organization that has long campaigned for human rights in Belarus and Ukraine and is now supporting people in the immediate danger zone and helping with their evacuation. ChildFund Germany has been involved in helping children and families in various regions of Ukraine for many years. "We chose these organizations because they make sure that the donations get to where they are needed and, above all, we wanted to do something for children," says Christopher Braemer.  

A work of art at LUMAS

LUMAS Gallery in Hof 2 and artist Paolo Pettigiani are helping the organization Doctors Without Borders provide medical care in Ukraine. Anyone who buys a copy of "The long pursuit of peace" for the price of 50 euros will support Doctors Without Borders through the proceeds. "We sold almost 800 copies of this work by the end of March," says gallery director Ewa Russak-Kaiser. "Many visitors have come to us specifically to purchase the painting." 

The artist created the work especially for this campaign, and he and all those involved are waiving their fees. Doctors Without Borders has been supporting sick people in Ukraine for many years. During the war, the organization delivers medicines and supplies to hospitals, including in the embattled areas of eastern Ukraine. 

Donation stickers at Ampelmann 

Finally, a specially designed Ukraine donation sticker is available at the Ampelmann shop in Hof 3 (and online here). Ampelmann doubles the proceeds from sales and donates to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin, which supports war victims and their families, as well as medical and nursing facilities in Ukraine.

At the children's cinema with Clara

Children and their companions from Ukraine can watch a children's film in the original Ukrainian version at the Hackesche Höfe cinema. The feature film Clara and the Magic Dragon, directed by Oleksandr Klymenko in Ukraine in 2019, is about the girl Clara who has to fight for the future of her fairy world with her friends. 

The sceenings take place every day in the early afternoon. The little spectators get a sweet treat, their accompanying mothers can have some coffee. "For the refugees, our offer is completely free of charge. To be able to keep it up for a long time, we collect donations from our other guests," says Gerhard Groß, CEO of Hackesche Höfe Kino. Since last Thursday, almost 200 children and adults have already taken advantage of the offer.

"For the refugees, our offer is completely free of charge. To be able to keep it up for a long time, we collect donations from our other guests."

Gerhard Groß

CEO Hackesche Höfe Kino