Fairy tale reading event at Hackesche Höfe

Fairy tale reading event at Hackesche Höfe

Children love fairy tales! Barbara C. Engel will read her own stories on the fourth Sunday of Advent and invites children and their parents to attend.

"Children love fairy tales – and I love children" – true to this motto, Barbara C. Engel starts a great action in the Hackesche Höfe. The creative multi-talent realizes herself as a fashion designer and fairy tale book author and now reads from her own fairy tale book on the fourth Sunday of Advent, Dec 12, 2021. She collected the fairy tales years ago for her children Sara Lena and Hannah Rebecca and partly rewrote them, because unlike classic fairy tales, Barbara wants them to end well. Anyone who fancies the cuddly reading session should register at - only 30 listeners are admitted. The reading is free and will take place at Askania in Hof 1 of the Hackesche Höfe. Askania, by the way, is the only manufacturer of premium mechanical watches on the river Spree. This story alone would be wonderful to tell ... and it also turned out well!

Parents read to their children far too little

Barbara C. Engel is known from numerous TV productions and is the mother of the renowned actress Hannah Herzsprung. She has been closely associated with the Hackesche Höfe for many years. With her campaign, she is setting a great example: Only a third of parents in Germany read to their children regularly, as studies have shown. Most of the time, they are busy with household chores, don't feel like it, or are simply too tired in the evenings. And that's despite the fact that there's hardly anything children long for more than to relax and listen attentively to a story. And if you don’t feel like listening to stories on the fourth Sunday of Advent, you can use the time to stroll through the courtyards: Many stores are open on Sunday.