BERLIN IN HÖFLICH: Podcast host Sebastian Späth

Mann im Jacket am Tisch mit Wasserflasche
Mann im Jacket am Tisch mit Wasserflasche
May 15th, 2023

Photo: Anne-Sophie Stolz

Our new podcast introduces people who live, love, work, think and dream in the Hackesche Höfe. But first, here we introduce its host: Sebastian Späth.


In spring 2023 the time has come: the first podcast episode from the Hackesche Höfe will go "on air." Several months have passed from the first idea to its realization. Special attention was paid to finding a suitable host. What was needed was someone who could do podcasts and who also stood for what the Hackesche Höfe are all about. It quickly became clear that Sebastian Späth was the right person for BERLIN IN HÖFLICH.


The versatile journalist and author, born in 1991, grew up in Rastatt, Baden. Initially, he studied fine arts in Karlsruhe. His focus moved from painting to video art. In his early videos, in which he liked to appear with a well-trained naked upper body, he dealt with the subject of self-optimization.


After studying art, he trained at the German School of Journalism in Munich. After working for BILD and STERN, among others, he joined SPIEGEL magazine. As style editor, he writes about fashion, design and good cuisine – a range of topics that fits perfectly with the Hackesche Höfe. In spring of 2023, Späth moved to the gourmet magazine FALSTAFF as Gourmet Editor-in-Chief.


At the same time, art remains a central area of interest. In the book publication "We can't help you," Sebastian reflects on the artist's self-image. And since 2021 he has been asking "Extremely stupid questions" – the title of a podcast about "Art and the World." Together with co-host Niklas Bolle, he talks with personalities from the world of art. As host of BERLIN IN HÖFLICH, Sebastian can build on a wealth of experience as a journalist and podcaster: Perfectly prepared, charming and curious, he gets his conversation partners talking. 

His guests in the first episodes:

"Happy in the Höfe"

Jan Henrik Maria Scheper-Stuke is the boss of men's accessory supplier AUERBACH, and also is making a name for himself as a fashion expert in the Netflix format "Queer Eye Germany." In our episode, he talks about how he got into the Hackesche Höfe, his origins in rural Lower Saxony and his relationship with his patriarchal father. 

The perfect praline

Married couple Melanie and Benno Hübel woke the traditional Berlin company SAWADE from its slumber. The new brand identity was implemented for the first time in their flagship store in the Hackesche Höfe.


Gerhard Gross is a "veteran" of the Hackesche Höfe. He accompanied their rebirth in the 1990s. At that time, a cinema with five screens was built on two floors. Gross and his team have been running the "HACKESCHE HÖFE KINO" successfully for 28 years with an ambitious program.