"A praline is a small work of art"

"A praline is a small work of art"

Melanie and Benno Hübel are partners, not only in life but also at work. Ten years ago, they embarked on an adventure together: rescuing and reviving the Berlin-based praline manufacturer Sawade.

The renaissance of a brand

After years of success, the Hübel couple was facing the end in 2020. Seven years earlier, the two industry newcomers had saved Sawade from insolvency by joining the company. With a lot of verve, they created a contemporary image and slimmed down the product range. The Sawade shops were also given a completely new look – starting with the store in Hackesche Höfe.

Photo right: Sawade pralines are made in Berlin. 

The second rescue

The Hübels remained true to the traditional company’s assets: choice ingredients and artisanal processing. In order to maintain the high quality standard, they did not aim for the supermarket shelves, but instead relied on their own shops. Great concept, but then Corona came along. When the shops had to close, the Hübels quickly found themselves back where they had started: in insolvency. But the entrepreneurial couple managed to turn things around once again. This was only possible with the help of their committed staff and a great wave of solidarity reaching out beyond Berlin. "Eat more chocolates" was a campaign to save Sawade. Now, Sawade is back on the road to success.

Photo left: Melanie and Benno Hübel with Sawade’s store manager at Hackesche Höfe, Ms. Lenk.

"The perfect praline? Has to do something to me in my mouth"

The podcast episode with Melanie and Benno Hübel

In the third episode of the "Höfegeflüster" podcast with Sebastian Späth you will learn how Melanie and Benno Hübel came to Sawade, how to recognize whether truffles are properly "geigelt", what is needed for a perfect praline and why the two have not regretted their Sawade adventure despite all the difficulties.

Find the episode here.