Who Killed Bambi?

Punk meets sustainability – upcycling vs. fast fashion

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Individual fashion with its own story

Who Killed Bambi? This name might refer to a song by Vivien Westwood, a French erotic thriller, and a Berlin fashion label. Founded back in the 1990s, it had a connection to the underground music scene and the spirit of punk. Since 2020, Tanja and Christian, the two heads of the company, have been focusing on a new concept.

Headline 2: Punk meets sustainability – upcycling vs. fast fashion

In view of the harmful effects of fast fashion – high resource consumption, exploitation of labor and mountains of waste – Tanja and Christian decided to transform Who Killed Bambi? into a sustainable upcycling fashion brand. Successfully. They work with local artists and craftspeople to breathe new life into old treasures and give each piece its own story.


In their shop in Hackesche Höfe, Who Killed Bambi? offers predominantly upcycled fashion, while the branch at Hackescher Markt also sells secondhand as well as new pieces.

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