LUMAS Galerie Berlin

LUMAS galleries have promised to liberate art with a choice of beautifully crafted but affordable editions

Courtyard 2

A innovative interior design concept

LUMAS has more than 40 galleries worldwide offering museum-quality editions and photographs. Over 1,800 works by 200 established artists and promising newcomers offer a broad panorama of contemporary art and design. These personally signed limited editions usually come in runs of 75 to 150 prints. 

LUMAS came to the Hackesche Höfe in 2006 with an innovative approach to furnishing the premises. Rather than an impersonal gallery, they feel like the private rooms of an art collector. As visitors walk around the living room, kitchen and library, they can easily imagine what these works might look like on their own walls.

Orange sculpture of a girl
A white and a black vase side by side
Interior view of the gallery with a shelf, armchair and several paintings