Billiardsalon Köh

Cocktail bar, art gallery and after-work lounge rolled into one: Köh’s billiard room in the Hackesche Höfe

Courtyard 6

Playing in a salon ambience

Playing billiards has grown in popularity in recent years. And Berlin has many good, long-established venues. But the Billardsalon Köh is special. The saloon opened in March 1992, one of the first in the eastern sector of the city – and three years before the redevelopment at the Hackesche Höfe. From the outset, the managers fostered not only the game of billiards, but the character of the saloon.

And so it was that the “Köh” quickly evolved into a cocktail bar, art gallery and after-work lounge as well. There are seven pool tables and one carom table. On Mondays the price of a game is reduced, cocktail evenings are on Wednesdays, and the tournaments take place on Sundays. The saloon atmosphere is enhanced by temporary exhibitions of photography and painting.

Billiard tables with big ceiling lamps
Stacked billiard balls
Group picture at a billiard table


A guest at the Billiards Salon Köh

Die Inhaber sprechen über die Geschichte des Billardsalons und die Hackeschen Höfe